Given the horrendous traffic in the Washington, DC metro area, I consider one of the biggest perks of my job to be the fact that I commute on foot to and from the office. Not only does my seven minute door-to-door walk free me from the angst and stress of rush hour traffic, but it also allows me to walk the streets of Old Town Alexandria, taking in the sites of beautiful homes, holiday décor, and seasonal gardening.

As of late, I’ve found myself taking alternate routes to and from work so that I can admire container gardens around town. Urns, pots, window boxes, and the like have come into their own due to the unseasonably warm start to the season. Here’s a rundown of what I deem the best pot(s) in Old Town.

Take this beautiful arrangement for example. I love the combination of textures, and the variegated leaves add so much interest.

This window box stopped me in my tracks. I love the bright green of the sweet potato vines, and the sweet purple flowers and pop of red are striking.

It's hard to get a feel for just how large this container garden is. If you take into consideration that our pink hydrangea is a full, large pot in our back yard, think about how the blue hydrangea in the photo below is only a small section of the container. I love the trailing vines, the softness of the round hydrangeas, and the impatiens are a nice touch too. Though not incredibly colorful, the varying height and texture is interesting. 

Speaking of not very colorful, this next window box is completely void of colorful flowers. But again, the different shapes and tones of the plants' leaves are beautiful.

Ahh, pink geraniums. This year marks the first time we've brought a geranium home, and ours happens to be pink as well. I love the color, mixed with the sharpness of the greenery.

As is evident from some of the photos below, combining different heights, colors and textures is a winning combination for a visually pleasing arrangement. The greens seen in the top of this arrangement, though typically used at Christmas time, are a beautiful addition to the softer, more lush leaves below. I particularly love the purple-ish leaves of the plant in the middle. Wouldn't that be fun for a Halloween arrangement?  

Check out this pot, perfectly planted for its shady location. With what appears to be a variegated vinca vine, hosta, and pink impatiens (among others), really makes the most of the plants right for the spot. 

I know, I know. It’s totally obnoxious to include our very own urns in the rundown of favorites, but I’m thrilled with how beautiful our flowers look this year. Going the extra distance to Merrifield Garden Center this year to use a Groupon really paid off, as these unique flowers plant a smile on my face every time  I come home.

So there you have it -- just a few of my top picks for most beautiful container garden around town. Any votes for your favorite? Have you had any success this year with your potted plantings or a particular flower or plant that you’d recommend to others? Let your imagination grow wild.

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6/14/2012 at 11:57 AM
These are all gorgeous. I especially love the trailing sweet potato vines on your urns and the 2nd picture window box. I've seen them before but never knew their name.

I love ferns but I cannot keep them alive. I bought two huge ferns to hang out on my back porch but they died within a month. Our porch faces east and gets 5+ hours of harsh, direct sun. After they died,I hung some indoor pothos (which seems to be the only plant I can't kill) out there but even they couldn't take it. I'd love trailing or bushy hanging plants out there but I can't find any that could take it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated :) I have a sort of black thumb, warning.

Lately I've been thinking about doing a vertical succulent garden in a picture frame, but am leery about putting all that time an effort in. (I killed a succulent/chick in my bathroom over the winter and my succulent terrarium is looking lifeless too. I am cursed.)
Oh no, it sounds like you have even worse gardening luck than we do! :-) I've found that if you go to an actual nursery, not just the garden center of a home improvement store, the plants are better and the staff is more knowledgeable. I would talk to nursery staff to get their recommendation on what might work in your space/zone. For containers that get that much sun, you might want to try moisture control soil and watering 2x per day in summer months (early morning and late evening when the sun isn't beating on the plants). Good luck Kelly!
threadbndr (Karla)
6/15/2012 at 10:11 AM
Those are some really beautiful patio pots! You have some artistic neighbors! I like the layers at different heights.

And boy, your pots have really grown in nicely since you planted them. How's the curb garden doing?
Thanks Karla. I'm thrilled to report that the curb garden is thriving. All of the plants are doing well, the tall grasses have started blooming, and the tree is full and lush. All signs point to early success!

(We still can't get the company to get back to us with the cast iron fence estimate, but at least the plants are doing well!)
6/20/2012 at 2:31 PM
You'll have to share another picture soon. Too bad about the fencing. I know it's a really small space, but an order is an order.......
I couldn't agree more. It shouldn't be hard to get people to take your money, right??
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