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As we announced earlier this week, today is the day that both Mel and Lulu are having surgery to remove mast cell tumors; Mel from his tail, and Lulu from the side of her abdomen. We're worried sick, to say the least. True to their personalities, as we prepared to leave,...
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Well, we did it! A mere two weekends ago we sauntered into IKEA with only a minor clue of what we wanted to accomplish. Now, just a single solid day of weekend work, and several after work evenings of effort, we're the proud owners and installers of a butcher block...
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Thanks to everyone for your support/kind words/stories after yesterday's post about Lulu and Mel's tumor removal surgeries. It helped quite a bit. We're hopeful all will go well this Friday, and we'll surely keep you all posted, especially with any funny "collar of shame" photos we might take.  So how's the kitchen...
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We interrupt our regularly scheduled crazy ass renovation update to bring you news of something that has both of us really freaked out. Both Mel and Lulu are having surgery this Friday to remove mast cell tumors.  Last week, on two separate days, we discovered that both of our four legged...
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If recycling bins could talk, ours would have a lot to say about what we've been up to the last week. Gone are the usual magazines that indicate a restful night curled up in the family room chair with Mel and Lulu. Gone are the empty bottles of wine, that...
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As you may know if you've seen any of the past week's posts (since we can't seem to shut up about this project), Wendy and I decided to greatly expand the usable storage space in our kitchen with the purchase of several IKEA cabinets and a 6 foot section of...
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Work in our kitchen and sun porch is continuing, and Alex has been toiling away on the assembly of our new cabinets. This seemingly simple "assemble and go" project has of course has spiraled into baseboard removal, wine fridge platform woodworking, and the like. Plus we're still waiting on two...
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Today, August 22, 2012, would have been Oliver's fourth birthday. Even though we lost Ollie nearly two years ago to cancer, we think about him every day, and consider ourselves so lucky to have been blessed with the short time we got to know and love him.We'd like to take...
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A while back we shared a little project we had done back in 2003 that allowed us to turn an absolutely disgusting eBay find (and the dirtiest and grossest thing we've ever received in the mail)... ...Into a great looking storage solution for our kitchen. Our "white hutch," as we've come to...
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Furious, frustrated, fuming...confused! Yep, that about sums up how I'm feeling at the ineptitude of "professionals" after seeing something that I discovered last week while painting our bay window. You know what the strangest thing is? It's not even on our house. Last week, while up on our lower back...
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Never in a million years did I think that my clearance rug purchase from Home Goods would snowball into a kitchen "renovation." But given that we're the proud new owners of IKEA cabinets and brand spankin' new butcher block counter tops, I'd say that we're well on our way to...
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It's official. Our kitchen and sun porch have been lovingly slathered in two coats of Benjamin Moore's London Fog. This labor intensive process stretched from 7:30am Sunday morning until Thursday evening, largely due to the cracks and crevices presented by the brick walls in the sun porch.  In honor of the...
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When we moved into our house, our gutter situation was far less than desirable. The white aluminum gutter that adorned the back wall of our home may have been just 10 feet wide, but its modern shape looked out of place on the rear of our little historic home. The...
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Let me first say, I'm not very proud of this post, but I think it's necessary in the interest of full disclosure. So we've been on a bit of a painting kick of late. Though it isn't necessarily the most difficult of all DIY tasks, it is often some of the...
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I'm super thrilled to report that the new paint color, London Fog, is up on the walls in our kitchen! I can't say it was a planned weekend project...but we made a serious dent in the painting on Sunday (after I had written the post about selecting the new paint...
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