Due to the early success of our potted herbs, Alex and I have been excited by the challenge of using up our new bounty. Last week's tomato and chive quinoa was a huge hit, so this week we're turning our attention to another herb in our garden -- parsley. The...
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Last week we told the story of how our back gate was transformed from a horrible and rotting Greek inspired door... ...To an attractive and custom arched top gate with antique cast iron grated window. The project only took a few days but truly changed our backyard from a Port-o-Let eyesore...
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Comments 18
Over the past several years I often find myself in conversations where the question of "What tools do you reccomend I buy first?" is asked by a new homeowner that's looking to get started on a DIY project or two. While everyone loves and expects me to list off a...
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For those of you in the U.S., we'd like to wish you all a very happy Memorial Day weekend. Here in America, the Memorial Day holiday is celebrated the last Monday in May, and is a day devoted to remembering the men and women who gave their lives while serving...
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Wendy and I do a lot of Open Housing that focuses on a particular "quadrant" of Old Town, but this week we ventured outside of our usual Sunday stomping grounds. For those not familiar, Old Town is divided on the intersection of King and Washington Street into four quadrants. Though...
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We've been talking a lot about our backyard and garden area lately, and we're quite happy with how it's coming together this year. It may not be the complete overhaul that we have planned several years down the road, but it's really come a long way since the early days...
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In our new section called "Ask Old Town Home" you have the opportunity to ask and have your questions answered to the best of our ability. Today's topic comes courtesy of Jen from Harrisonburg, Virginia. Jen asks: My question is about how to get a smooth finish when painting wood furniture. I...
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Comments 14
Despite having self proclaimed "black thumbs," I have to say we're elated at the growth of our potted herb garden. In just the few short weeks since we completed our planting, our wide variety of herbs have really grown by leaps and bounds. One might say our herbs are ginormous. (Yes,...
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How many injuries does it take to plant a small area in your backyard? If you live here at Old Town Home, the answer is three. Yeah, seriously. Three. If you thought we were kidding when we say we're not talented when it comes to gardening, we may have you convinced...
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Comments 11
Last weekend Wendy and I stumbled on a real treat. While walking with Lulu on Saturday morning, hitting up our usual stops (the pier and farmer's market), we saw a sign stuck into the ground on a corner. Could it be? Yes! An estate sale! I'm sure you can probably guess...
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Comments 24
We've been doing quite a bit of HVAC work of late as we get ready for the heat of summer and the various items necessary for the master bathroom renovation. From demolition of horrendously installed duct work, to custom fabrication of vent boots, even the most minor work that needs...
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It's no secret. I'm in love with the Napa Valley. In fact, I'm sure many of you are sick and tired of us talking about how great it is, how I can't imagine a better way to spend a birthday than with a quick trip there, that the food and wine...
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Comments 16
We're going to make a slight change this week and move our regular "Toolbox Tuesday" to "Toolbox Thursday." Why? Because we're excited about our latest blog feature that we announced just last week. In our new section called "Ask Old Town Home" you have the opportunity to ask and have your...
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Our sun porch, a modestly sized room on the back of our house, has seen a lot of change since we moved into our home nine years ago. Upon our arrival the room boasted hideous tile floors, was the site of the structural damage disaster, and it's seen three different paint...
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Comments 59
We all love the drama of the big reveal. It's the light at the end of the tunnel, the fruits of your hours, days, weeks, and months of labor, and the goal you've been striving for since the idea of your project first popped into your head. Everyone gafaws at...
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