Master Bathroom

Trim and finish work of all kinds are major elements in every room we've undertaken in our home. Whether we're talking about stripping original moulding... ...having reproduction moulding profiles created to match original elements... ...making major statements with custom and complex wainscoting elements...
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As with any major project, no matter how experienced you are, things don't necessarily go quite as planned.Rather than just simply going with a big "Look at how awesome our floor looks, and it was so easy" blog post, I want to share our grouting process with you. And that...
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Stop me if you've heard this story. The Three Bears jump into a time machine and waste a whole weekend in search of the grout color that was juuuuuuusssssstttt right...No? Not familiar with this little DIY fairy tale? Well then, let me fill you in.The selection of a grout color...
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My mom loves to tell a story about how "detail oriented" I was as a small child. I think I was about six years old and was apparently creating some sort of improvised 3D construction paper house using a pen, scissors, and scotch tape. She fondly remembers that I wanted...
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There are several distinct phases when it comes to tiling a room. You've got your tile selection process.You've got your tile layout decisions. You've got your tile laying. And you've got your tile grouting. I feel like Bubba talking shrimp with Forrest Gump. That's...that about it.
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