If you're a regular around here, a friend or family member of ours, or have a vague sense of who I am, you know that I love wine. Hmm, love might not be a strong enough word. Maybe LOVE is better. We've expressed this affinity towards wine (and the Napa...
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I'm often asked the question, "Do you and Alex ever fight when working on the house?," to which I usually respond with a snicker. "Fight" is a strong word, but "bicker" and "enthusiastically disagree" might be better words to describe our disagreements.  Let's face it. A do it yourself renovation stretching...
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By now many of you know what a serious salvaged hardware obsession I proudly lay claim to. In my book, the right hardware will make or break a home of any age, and this is even more true in an older home.When we moved into our 1880's home, the door...
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This past weekend Wendy and I took a little break from our HVAC attic work to get cleaned up and venture out into the sunlight. The weather was nice and the open house market was bubbling with a few new properties. Far be it of us to miss a good...
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If you've been following us on Facebook and Twitter, you know about the bit of HVAC duct work I've been doing lately. It's all in anticipation of our master bathroom renovation, and it's not a lot of fun, however necessary the work may be. (But if you're not following us,...
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Lest week we covered our kitchen renovation saga at length. It was a fun termite infested walk down memory lane that helped is remember the project that turn us from soft newbie homeowners to hardened DIYers who can take on anything. We may have accomplished our goals, but it also...
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Each year on the first Saturday in March, Old Town Alexandria kicks off the St. Patrick's Day festivities for the month with a parade. Old Town is a fitting location for such an event as you can find three Irish Pubs, a Dublin Chipper, and several other establishments that turn...
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As many of you may have seen this week, Old Town Home was nominated for Apartment Therapy's Homies Award as one of the best DIY blogs. We can't even tell you how flattered we are not only to be nominated, but to be inside the top ten of a category...
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In our previous posts on our newlywed kitchen nightmare we've covered:We had come so far from our original disaster to a nearly completed project, and the final significant step was to deal with the floor.  We had to pull up a fair amount of the flooring along the wall in...
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Termites, water damage, and structural damage, oh my! If you've been following along the last couple days, you know about the roller coaster of emotions we experienced at each critical moment of our kitchen disaster and rebuild. From feeling completely defeated, to feeling as if we could conquer the world,...
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