Today we wanted to give you all a brief tutorial on creating a decorative edge on the old fashioned butcher block counters. It's a quick, cheap, and easy way to spruce up your project, and it's something you can do yourself without much difficulty.If this is your first time on the site,...
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In the true sense of the term "Labor Day," we're laboring the day away on our "temporary" kitchen renovation that seems to be snowballing very quickly into a full scale kitchen overhaul. What started as a simple bargain rug purchase, that has turned into window treatments, a "wine bar" (man,...
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Well, we did it! A mere two weekends ago we sauntered into IKEA with only a minor clue of what we wanted to accomplish. Now, just a single solid day of weekend work, and several after work evenings of effort, we're the proud owners and installers of a butcher block...
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Thanks to everyone for your support/kind words/stories after yesterday's post about Lulu and Mel's tumor removal surgeries. It helped quite a bit. We're hopeful all will go well this Friday, and we'll surely keep you all posted, especially with any funny "collar of shame" photos we might take.  So how's the kitchen...
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If recycling bins could talk, ours would have a lot to say about what we've been up to the last week. Gone are the usual magazines that indicate a restful night curled up in the family room chair with Mel and Lulu. Gone are the empty bottles of wine, that...
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