While I may not have given you a 12 DIYs update the last few days, that's not to say I've not been working my tail off to make my 12 projects goal a reality. With my somewhat limited time during the week I've been working to knock as many of the small tasks off of my list that I can. So today I present you with three fairly minor things that are surprisingly a pretty major deal to us. DIYs four, five, and six.

On the 4th DIY of Christmas I did for my true love to see, some working shutters in our front window.

Back in 2003 we purchased our home and almost immediately launched into what would become the longest renovation project we could ever imagine. Shortly after, we started work on the front parlour/living room (the very first project room of our decade plus renovation).

Almost as soon as we started the project, one of the very first things we did was to remove the window shutters and window sash stops. It was a necessary aspect of the project, and we had high hopes we'd be able to get things put back together in no time.

Fast forward nearly 13 years and those same shutters have now been propped, taped, leaned, or otherwise fixed against the window sash for the entire time since their removal, but never reinstalled. They even fell out of place when Virginia had its earthquake a few years ago. Oh the humanity!

It had been long enough, so I decided to screw these shutters back into place.

In total it only took about 30 minutes to reinstall the original shutters that have been gone from the windows for years. But now that they're in place, I'm so glad to be able to open and close them as we want. And if our satisfaction isn't enough, I know Lulu couldn't be happier.

When something stays broken or non functional for so long, you can forget how useful it is when it works. Such is the case with these shutters that are once again functioning as shutters should.

On the 5th DIY of Christmas I did for my true love to see, replacing the movement on our giant wall clock.

Oh the giant clock in our upstairs hallway.

This monster was found by Wendy in Lucketts, Virginia several years ago and she had me hang it in one of the most difficult to hang and access places in the house...above our stairs.

Well, this clock is run by a small quartz movement, and the movement that came with the clock went bad and stopped working about a year an a half ago. I tried replacing the battery, fiddling with it, etc., but after failing to get it working I finally decided enough was enough and ordered a new $6 movement. It arrived a few days ago and I took the 30 minutes or so necessary to delicately lean over the railing to remove it.

To install it all it took was the removal of a few nuts and washers, a little patience, and a careful hand to tighten the new movement onto the clock without dropping the nuts and screws down the stairs.

This was yet another task that's sat undone for years and now I'm kicking myself for not just fixing it sooner. I used to look at this clock daily to know whether I was late for work or not, but since it's been broken I got out of habit. Now I need to remember that it's working again so I can remember to look and see if I'm late for work, which I feel like I usually am.

On the 6th DIY of Christmas I did for my true love to see, attaching the broken rim lock latch on our front doors.

This one was a very recent addition to our list. Several years ago we built skinny French Doors out of two salvaged side lights for the front of our house. A part of this project included installing a salvaged rim lock for the door.

Just the other day we received a FedEx delivery and when I opened the front door to get the package I noticed the rim lock's catch laying on the floor and a splinter on the back of the door where it's normally mounted.

If you remember, UPS ripped the knob off of the same lock a little while ago, so this door has seen its fair share of drama of late.

When I looked at the catch I noticed that this may not have been entirely the FedEx guy's fault. The screws I ultimately used for this little project were way too short and didn't have enough hold on the door. So over the years since I installed the lock, it's slowly loosened until it ultimately ripped out.

So this fix was pretty simple. I grabbed a few screws of adequate length, threw them in my gun blue solution to antique them a little...

...and popped the catch back on the door.

With the cold weather arriving soon (at least one would expected it given the time of year, ignoring the unseasonably warm weather we've been having), the exterior French doors are great for some extra insulation. Can't have the door opening and flapping in the wind. And if that's not enough, Lulu again couldn't be happier. :-)

Now sing it with me!!

On the 6th DIY of Christmas I did for my true love to see, attaching the broken rim lock latch on our front doors.

...Replacing the giant wall clock's movement...

...Finally fixed our shutters...

...Patching the hole in the side of our house...

...Some paint on our chimney... 

...And a chiming clock next to our Christmas tree.

I'm half way through the list and I have just one week left until Christmas. I have my work cut out for me over the next week so we'll see how far I can get.

Do you have any must do DIY tasks on your list before Christmas? I think wrapping presents counts. 

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12/18/2015 at 5:54 PM

Awesome....I look forward to the whole song. Mike won't let me put his honey do list on the internet...but his starts with a dishwasher. Happy Christmas Wendy and Alex

12/18/2015 at 9:07 PM

This is such a great idea. Maybe next year you could offer it as a challenge for readers to do their own 12 diy days of christmas with you (not that you won't have everything in order by then of course).

12/19/2015 at 2:03 PM

Go Alex go! Little nagging jobs that no one sees but you (and Wendy of course). It's surely self satisfying. And your pride of home ownership goes up a few notches. It's always a treat when Lulu gets included in your posts.

12/19/2015 at 3:13 PM

Those shutters were like that for 13 years?!!! So yeah, that's a big deal DIY-of-Christmas. Rooting for you, Alex. Looking forward to see what else Lulu leads you to.

Franki Parde
12/20/2015 at 2:59 PM

Well...now Santa can "throw up the sash!!" franki

12/30/2015 at 12:37 AM

Nice work. Wonderful DIY! Thanks for sharing.

Margaret Schleicher Bjorklund
5/19/2016 at 10:03 PM
Fun fun, Merry Xmas and Happy Renovation New Year!
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