Do you remember my post yesterday? You know, the one about making patriotic table place cards from paint chips? If you didn't see it or need a refresher, the focus of the post was far more on Alex's adventure in boosting copious amounts of free paint samples during a recent trip to the big box hardware store, and the ensuing awkwardness he felt while doing so. I swear to you, he felt like he was the Great Paint Chip Bandit of 2013, and he was on the run, constantly looking over his shoulder for when the authorities just might catch up with him. He's delusional and neurotic, what can I say.

The thing is, I ultimately only used a few of his chips on the place card project, and when Alex saw our blog post about the paint chips I used, I quickly got a phone call.

Alex: "Good morning..."

Me: "Hi, what's up?"

Alex: "I see there's no reward for the willing."

Me: "What are you talking about?"

Alex: "I practically ran from the store with paint samples falling from my arms, elderly security guards hot on my heels, and that's all I get for my efforts? Eight place cards with stars on them? Did you really need 'lots,' or perhaps 'a few' might have been a better description?"

Me: "No, I definitely needed lots...don't worry...I have another idea. They won't be wasted."

The conversation went on, but the thing is I didn't have any other ideas as I was satisfied with my simple place card idea. And while honesty may be the best policy, we could delay honesty for just a bit in the event I was able to make good on my word. Alex was at work, I was at home, and I had a good six hours to come up with a plan to put my husband -- who's really just a fugitive from leading a normal sane life -- into a state of mind where he didn't feel like I had taken advantage of his fragile psyche. 

I knew I wanted to make something that would go in the kitchen and dress up our wine bar area for today's party, but I had to keep the food prep area free and clear since we'd be using it both in the run up to the party and during the event.

I took stock of the remaining paints chips and realized that I really had, well, a whole lot more than I initially realized. Some of the best ones were actually large red and blue squares from Valspar. As I thought about some of the various things I could make, I kept thinking about a bunting idea of some sort. That's when I remembered my Valentine's Day greeting card reuse for our mantel decor. 

I decided to make three hanging pennants to adorn the three open shelves we built above the wine bar. Sort of like this...

As you'll see from the photos, Alex was the photographer on this one, and he actually arrived home when I was well into working on the project. This way I looked like I had actually intended to do this second project all along. Muhahahahaha (evil spouse laugh).

Using the large square red and blue chips I cut tall triangles of equal size. They're roughly twice as tall as they are wide to give that long hanging flag look.

Next I used the star template I had printed out for the place card project, tracing several sizes on the reverse sides of the white chips Alex brought home.

Once I went through all of the chips and felt I had enough flags and stars, I started to lay out my design. It was important to get it all set before I started to string anything up to make sure I had enough shapes to achieve the look I was going for. 

I first cut lengths of a red ribbon I had on hand from another project. 

I then decided on two different designs. The first would be a long hanging pennant with alternating red and blue flags and small stars. While the second would be groupings of flags with larger stars between each group. The design choice was born from necessity, as this was the best configuration to create three similar length pennant flags with the supplies I had at the ready.

Once I had everything set and laid out the way I wanted it, I started glueing each flag onto the ribbon, again using my hot glue gun.

After a few minutes of gluing I had myself three pennants of the desired length and perfect patriotic flair. 

We used a few pieces of blue painters tape (quite the appropriate selection of tape) to affix each pennant to the front of the shelves. 

The end result of my scraped together effort, a fun and festive little addition to our wine bar area, which is where I plan to set up the buffet for our party this afternoon. 

This was by no means a difficult little project, but it took a surprisingly long time in measuring, cutting, planning, and gluing. If you're looking for a fun craft to do with kids, this might be just perfect for you.

At the very least, I think Alex was satisfied that I made effective use of his paint chip loot. Here's what he was greeted with when he returned home from work.

Mission accomplished! I think I've had enough paint chip crafting to last me a lifetime, so I've safely stowed them in my dining room buffet like a true hoarder. You never know when I might need them again.

We're going to be getting ready to host our little party throughout the day and hope to go down to the National Mall for fireworks this evening. Fingers crossed the rain holds off long enough to get the whole day in. 

What are your 4th of July plans? I'm guessing cookouts, fireworks, friends, family, and fun? Let me know if I'm right on.

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Carrie Cole Jolly
7/4/2013 at 11:25 AM
Both crafts look great. You are so creative!
Old Town Home
7/4/2013 at 11:35 AM
:-) Thanks, Carrie Cole Jolly!
7/4/2013 at 7:33 PM
I'm making red, white, and blue tarts as a riff off of your apricot brie tarts. I'm using lingonberry jam, brie, and fresh blueberries in puff pastry, cut to fit my mini cupcake pan.

Also, in Alex's defense so he doesn't have to do this again, I've seen some paint chips that now have the printing in the middle of sample so they're not so desirable to use as projects. I think it's to crack down on all the DIYers, most likely fueled by Pinterest, who have been using them for projects.
7/4/2013 at 7:39 PM
I didn't want that to sound like I was chastising you guys. Just that you're so conscientious about your home renovations, and what you do in general, that I thought I'd mention something you might not have thought about. I know for sure the paint stir sticks have been moved to behind the counter because so many were taken to make those ubiquitous sunburst mirrors all over Pinterest.
No worries, I should be chastised for my foolishness! Taking that many paint chips, what was I thinking?!?

I'm actually not surprised they'd start to do various things to thwart the would be supply thieves. They're an unsavory lot, I can tell you that first hand. :-)

The brie with lingonberry jam sounds like my favorite of your bunch. I'm sure the rest were necessary for the appropriate patriotic balance, but I'd have surely camped out and eaten all of the red bits first.
Carrie Cole Jolly
7/10/2013 at 3:19 PM
Both crafts look great. You are so creative!
Old Town Home
7/10/2013 at 3:20 PM
:-) Thanks, Carrie Cole Jolly!
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