Today marks the completion of our first decade as husband and wife. It's unbelievable how quickly the last ten years have flown by, but equally amazing how much we've grown, changed, and accomplished together. Alex and I first started house hunting the week after we returned home following our honeymoon. Our...
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Most of us DIYers have been there. We have a light switch in one location, and an outlet with a lamp or a light fixture attached to a different location not controlled by the switch, but we want that light switch to control the light. What are we to do?...
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Ah, we're basking in the sweet glow of freshly painted and completely custom shelves (with integrated lighting and built in wine glass storage). Painting seems like such a simple task, but it is so gratifying when it marks one of the final steps of a project. With this step, our...
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From time to time Wendy and I are reminded of precisely why we love living in Alexandria, Virginia. Though we derive great pleasure from the easy walks to numerous restaurants and shopping, the various events around town, and the amazing open houses we go on often and describe to you,...
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Complain. Bitch. Moan. Whine. Nag. Remind. Scream. Yell. Pester. Beg. Encourage. It only took five years of all of this to get my dear husband motivated to repair the large, unsightly crack adjacent to our skylight in the upstairs hallway.  Do you see it there? Staring at you from the lower...
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In my post about our quick and easy kitchen shelf build, I outlined the relatively straight forward methods we employed to build the top two shelves for the space above the wine bar. The added shelving in the kitchen will add some much needed additional storage, but it will also...
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I've been keeping quiet about something I'm not proud of. You might even say that I'm been trying to hide it. The truth is, I'm ashamed of the sad, pathetic state of the flowers in our front urns. It's a disgrace in fact. With limited opportunity for curb appeal, having no...
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Though we only really started our kitchen makeover a little over a month ago, it feels like we've been working on it forever. We were really moving along quite nicely for a little while, making a whole lot of progress in a very short amount of time, then we had...
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We're working on the next steps of our little kitchen upgrades and can't wait to share some of the progress with you. But until then, we wanted to share the next leg of our vacation with you. Last week we filled you in on the highlights of the Budapest leg of...
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