Though the origins of Thanksgiving are rooted in celebrating the end of harvest season and giving thanks for a bountiful crop, the day is now an opportunity and excellent marker in the year to pause and take a bit more notice of what we have to be thankful for in general. Though Thanksgiving (in November) is only officially an American holiday, and one more commonly associated with overeating and football, it is still a day that can be used more generically across all audiences to take stock of personal appreciation for the things in each of our lives that we value. 

Like most people in the United States, we'll sit down to a traditional Thanksgiving feast. This year we will be dining with great friends rather than family since we're staying in DC. But before we eat, we'll be going on a Thanksgiving run with Lulu (to prepare for our eventual overheating), doing some parade and football watching, working on a few house projects, preparing a dish or two for dinner including mom's famous sweet potato casserole of course, and whatever else comes along for the day.

Even though we'll be quite busy, we'll still be thinking about the various things we're thankful for in our lives. Wendy and I realize just how fortunate we are. We have some really great things we have to look forward to and some wonderful experiences to reflect on. So we wanted to take a moment in this post to mention a few of the things we're very thankful for as it relates to Old Town Home.

We're Thankful For:

  • The readers who think our blog is worthwhile enough to come back and read our posts (in spite of the fact it may take us months to complete a seemingly simple project).

  • The great people who have interacted with us and left comments on many of our posts.

  • The friends of the blog who have helped put us in touch with various people and publications that have helped us to gain a few accolades here and there.

  • The fact there will never be a point where we can look at our house and say "yep, we're done." This means we should never run out of content.

  • Friends and family that support us, ask questions, share our links, tell us what a good job we're doing, and act truly interested in our modest website about our house. I know it can sound a little odd, so we appreciate their support.

  • The amazing crew of Lulu and Mel that follow us around inspecting all of our handiwork and getting into any messes we leave. It's great to have them around.

Beyond the blog we're thankful for our loving family, our great friends (especially the ones kind enough to invite us into their home for Thanksgiving), the people who work and fight every day to protect the things we often take for granted, and for the fact that our good friend Colin is safely back from Afghanistan after spending his last Thanksgiving on a base in the desert.

We hope you and your loved ones are able to have a wonderful day. Whether or not you celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving, we encourage you to take a moment or two to think about what you are truly thankful for, both today and every day. And if you feel so inclined, we'd love to know what tops your list. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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11/24/2011 at 9:39 AM
Happy Thanksgiving (from Canada)!
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