Entry Vestibule Reconfiguration

Our home's original vestibule configuration was altered at some point in it's 125 year history. What was once setup as an entryway with double doors on the front of the house, was altered in an odd manner to place the front door at the very front of the house, negating any interest or depth that once existed. Our plain little home was made even more plain by this ill-advised alteration. 

Since purchasing the house in 2003, Wendy and I wanted to restore the entry configuration and bring it back to its original setup. Throughout 2011 we worked on various items associated with the project. From plaster and tile to salvaged doors and antique hardware, we poured a ton of effort into this project. We hope you enjoy our collection of posts that chronicle the renovation of the smallest room in the the house. It may be small, but it turned out to be a pretty major project.

Before (2003)

During (Aug 2011)

After (Dec 2011)
Ever since we finished our vestibule reboot last year, we've absolutely loved the flexibility the reconfiguration of the front doors has offered. By moving our old outer front door to the interior, and putting glass French doors in the outer opening, it's added a sense of depth to the front...
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I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to type the words "Vestibule Project Status: Complete." This statement has been quite a long time coming! As many of you know, the reconfiguration of the smallest room in our house was a labor intensive effort that stretched on...
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Anyone notice anything a little bit different about the photo below?  If you thought "the doorknob looks different" you'd be correct! If you've been keeping up with our vestibule project, you might remember that something about the doorknob felt a little off to us after we installed the french doors. We...
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I'm so happy to report that we've finally come to a decision in the great house numbers debate of 2011. As you may recall, Alex and I have been on the fence when it comes to what we wanted to do with the transom window over our front door. And with...
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Thank you to everyone who chimed in on our little door knob height dilemma yesterday and offered their opinion and suggestions. They were all quite helpful and we appreciate them. I think we are going to swap out the knob for a black porcelain knob to start, then see what we think....
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From the initial concept of restoring the entry vestibule back to its original configuration, to purchasing salvaged antique side lites and attempting to restore them and make them work as french doors, our vestibule project has come a long way. It has taken longer than we had ever anticipated, and...
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Last week marked a major milestone in the saga of the front vestibule project. After months of laborious effort with tedious paint stripping, restoring, woodworking, door hanging, glass cutting, window glazing, measuring, trimming, shimmimg, shaving, adjusting, bleeding, sweating, crying, arguing…you get the picture, we finally made the significant step of...
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It feels like it's been forever since we had a good progress-related post. With all of our chores, parties, vacations and work, we've not had a lot of time to get crackin' on the last few steps of the french doors. Well, today I'm glad to report that has all...
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As you may be aware, we've been hard at work on our vestibule update for some time now. Stripping, salvaging, sanding, plastering, trimming, caulking, painting, glazing, restoring, and everything else-ing. We've put tons of time into all of the little details to make sure the project looks great, is historically...
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With all of our errands, work, driving to and from Ohio, whole house audio setup, baseball games, home tours, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and life in general, it feels like we've not had any time to actually work on the doors for the vestibule project. We're getting so close to being...
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