From time to time while tiling, you might make a mistake. Hey, there's no reason to feel bad, even the most accomplished tile setters can foul up a job. (It's true, I've seen it firsthand.) The key thing to remember is that you can fix just about any mistake you...
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Grout. Such a simple thing. A bit of cement based filler, sometimes mixed with sand, and a little bit of water. It’s a recipe that’s been around for thousands of years in an essentially unchanged format. It’s rather amazing how much something that is so simple can so easily change...
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The upgrades we’ve been performing on our kitchen, though not entirely cosmetic, have focused primarily on the various changes we can make to bring the area more inline with the rest of our home. Through building additional counter and storage space, and upgrading our counters to butcher block, we had...
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Our kitchen renovation journey has taken us from within the bustling walls of IKEA to the sales floor of our local h.h. gregg, all in the name of a budget friendly but long overdue kitchen update. We should probably stop calling this kitchen update “temporary.” The level of effort, cost,...
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In our first post about our vestibule renovation, we covered the ins and outs of the project that transformed the walls, ceiling, and molding from a dingy and lumpy mess into a small space we could work with. Though this was a major step in the right direction, it was...
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