As Alex mentioned in his post on piling caps, we're a little all over the place with our DIY focus right now. We have a list of projects going on simultaneously, and it seems we're having a hard time checking any of them off the list as fully completed. The makeover of our new home's downstairs bathroom is one of these projects.

To quickly recap where we are on the bathroom, the weekend we bought the house, my mom and I had the floral wallpaper down (yay!) but in removing it, a lot of the drywall paper came off too (boo!). Over a several week period, Alex painstakingly skimmed the ceiling and walls to give us a good, smooth surface for our new paint job

The wall color, Benjamin Moore's Wales Gray, and ceiling color, Benjamin Moore's Silver Crest, both went up without issue and we're really happy with the results. The trim color, on the other hand, Sherwin Williams Alabaster, was a total miss. The color is too yellow and the sheen feels really chalky, not the smooth and shiny finish we're after. We're in the process of selecting a new option, with a lot of great input from commenters, and will later repaint the trim.

That brings us to today's post.

For weeks I drove around with the shower curtain and paint samples in the trunk of our car so that if I found something I thought might work for our room, I had these important pieces in hand to do the necessary comparisons. I also started online shopping (or more accurately, aimless web wandering) for well priced options to incorporate into the space. I was on the hunt for lighting, window treatments, and accessories, but the hunt was going slow.

One of the items I knew we had to address was the window coverings. The bent metal ivory blinds were beyond saving for the space, and the floral valance isn't my taste, so into the Habitat ReStore donation pile it went. 

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While it may feel like we're starting project after project and not really ever finishing anything, in reality, that's EXACTLY what we are doing!!!

Our project list is a mile long and growing. Right now we've got:

While I likely have a good excuse or nine for why each project isn't further along, I won't bore you with made up lies and convoluted stories of how we got to where we are. But I will say, in the words of SNL's Classic character, Middle Aged Man, "Hey, I'm working on it!"

Instead, why don't we tackle a decidedly more bite sized project that will allow us to not only start and finish a project rather quickly, but also check something off of a list that seems to be growing at a pace that I'm beginning to get uncomfortable with.

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Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and if you're like either of us, you have a DIY partner in crime you'd like to shower with gifts and adoration that show just how much you care for them. 

But the thing is, the cliched dozen long stem roses, box of chocolates, or flashy jewelry you typically see given on Valentine's Day just doesn't tend to play well with the home project enthusiast you likely call your significant other. Don't worry, we've got your back. 

If you're looking for a perfect gift or two for Valentine's Day that won't break the bank but is sure to make your renovation partner's heart smile, we've got a great list of 10 tools for under $10 that will surely make you the construction Cupid of your relationship. 

While your love may be the glue and nails that keep you and your significant other inseparable through all of your renovation projects, all you really need is a good pry bar to come between the bad molding and other items you need to demo in your life. This 10" Molding Pry Bar has been a staple in my tool bucket since day one, and has been responsible for the majority of our various hand demolition projects. You've got the flat pry bar on one side, and the cat's paw nail puller on the other. It really can't be beat for a handy demolition tool. 

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While there's a huge list of projects we're excited to tackle at our new house, it was clear to me what needed to go near the top of our priority project list. 

With its floral decor from ceiling to floor, the one project I couldn't wait to start was our downstairs bathroom. In fact, we had owned the house less than a day before our sleeves were rolled rolled up and we were ripping off that wallpaper.

This bathroom, accessed through the "office" space, is the one bathroom on the first floor. While it's a full bathroom complete with a very small stand up shower, primarily it will serve as a powder room for our home. 

The floral wallpaper, corresponding floral border around the ceiling and window, matching floral valance, and other tired decorative accents were not something I wanted to live with while we focused our attention in other places in the house. And while we have already started on some major work in our living room, given the fact this bathroom will be a highly trafficked room, and it happens to also be the first room we see when we enter the home through the side porch, we felt it necessary to put it on the "quick fix" list. 

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Several months ago we closed on a very picturesque and historic house on the water.

This home is a second home for us, and our grand plan is to use it as a vacation/weekend retreat where we will be able to spend time with friends, family, and each other away from the very fast paced and close proximity lifestyle to which we've come accustom. But before we reach that idyllic setting of sipping drinks on the dock and paddling a kayak, we've got our work cut out for us by way of house projects.

As you may already know, we're not ones to shy away from a home renovation related challenge, and though any given project may take us exponentially longer than the average bear, we have some serious plans for this house before we're all said and done. As much as we want relaxation, our idea of relaxing is a bit different than many. We relax as much through working on the things that inspire us and we love. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we plan on doing a lot to this house, both inside and out.

The photos we've shared of the house thus far have really only shown what things looked like on day one (or maybe two and three). While everything may have looked "fine" on the surface, and perhaps like we really only needed a little "paint and paper" to get this place into shape, we have a much different outlook on everything now that we've owned the house for about three months.

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