Let me tell you, the last week has been tough. Are you ready for a very random blog post?

About a week and a half ago I was ready to take the world on. I had a head of steam, was out shopping at Lowe's for some lumber to build some master bathroom cabinets, and was getting ready to both attend a few Nationals games and knock out a ton of little projects.

We then spent a bunch of time running around at our new house and watching the Osrpey and other local wildlife...

...and generally being productive. Life was good.

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Well, I'm proud to report our shed is looking a little less shoddy these days. After all, this is what used to greet us when we pulled into the driveway of our new home.

A couple weekends ago my parents were in town visiting, and true to his word, my Dad gave us a huge hand with the shed project. (Not to mention, my parents were able to help us out with a short list of other nagging items and upgrades, like dividing and replanting a bunch of items in the garden.)

As we previously detailed, Alex and I spent a frenzied evening a few days before their visit trying to beat a rain storm in order to get the shed prepped, trimmed out, and ready for my parents' arrival. 

As luck wouldn't have it, the weather wasn't cooperating again the weekend they were in town, so we needed to work quickly as it looked like storms were rolling in. My Dad started by giving the shed a light once over with the orbital sander to knock off any loose and flaking paint. He also wiped it down to remove any dirt and bugs that had accumulated over the, I don't know, 20 years since it was likely last painted.

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When you think of a house on the water, what are some iconic furniture elements that immediately jump to mind?

If you're like us, you can't think of a water house without mentally adding a few Adirondack chairs to the porch, pier, or around a crackling fire pit. And when we bought our new house last October, one of the first accessories we wanted to pick up was a great set of adirondack chairs to fulfill our stereotyped ideology of what our house may eventually become.

Yes, we enjoy putting the cart before the horse, but you likely already know that about us.

While I wanted to hand fabricate all of our chairs, custom building them from lumber and plans, possibly after I felled my own tree and rough sawed it with a giant two man crosscut saw...by myself, Wendy convinced me this was a ridiculous idea given all of our other projects. For some reason she wanted chairs sometime before 2035. Ridiculous. Instead, after extensive research into the various options, Wendy found what seemed to be a good set of self assembled folding Adirondack chairs that didn't break the bank and had the look we wanted.

The chairs in question are the Merry Garden folding Adirondack chairs. They are unfinished and each is made up of about 30 individual pieces of fir. The main thing that was particularly appealing about these chairs is the fact that they arrive unfinished, which means the world is our oyster when it comes to their color and look. And their price is very reasonable, especially given their complexity, weight, and style. I think the only real reason they aren't three times the cost is due to the fir used to make the chair, rather than a more expensive cedar, cypress, or ash.

The reviews on Amazon are mixed with some negative comments about the overall durability of the chairs, which does give us a bit of apprehension. But we had a good feeling about them, so we decided to pull the trigger.

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All right folks, are you ready for some serious excitement?

While HVAC or plumbing might not be the thing that jumps to your mind when I mention excitement, when you've been without either for a few months even baby steps are exciting.

The fact is, this is our toilet situation.

Yes, it may be installed, but it requires us to fill a bucket in the other room and come into this room to fill the tank before flushing it. Baby steps, but we've got a flushing terlet!

As you likely already know, a few months ago we had a freeze disaster at our water house that has left our house without functional heat or plumbing. It all started on February 19th when we discovered the boiler had quit and our house was hovering at about 20 degrees. This caused the pipes to freeze and burst throughout the house, and has necessitated an insurance claim and a major plan to rectify the situation.

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Our plans for our new house including tackling projects both large and small.

Whether we're talking about a whole home HVAC rethink, an individual room overhaul, or the replacement of a single light fixture, we try to make sure we give each the thought and attention it deserves.

A few weeks ago Wendy mentioned the barn inspired new front lights we planned to install to welcome guests to our home.

I have to say, I was pretty excited by this change, as the previous brass lantern fixtures were incorrectly sized, badly weathered, and just not the right style for our house.

After removing the old lights, we had quite a surprise. It seems a family of birds had made themselves at home behind the old lights.

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