The history of the world is shaped by the rivalries of great nemeses.

The Hatfields had the McCoys, Aaron Burr had Alexander Hamilton, Ali had Frazier, Nikolai Volkoff had Hulk Hogan, England had George Washington, President Taft had a bathtub, Grumpy Cat has fun, and even Narcissus had Nemesis herself.

A great nemesis can frustrate, intimidate, infuriate, incite deep emotions, and elicit a visceral response from its counterpart unlike any other. Whether a worthy opponent and archrival, or an unwitting foe in an existence, the actions of a nemesis can result in anything from utter defeat to unbridled exuberance.

We're all likely familiar with the scene from A Christmas Story where Ralphie's dad weaves his "tapestry of obscenity" in his fight with his nemesis, the furnace.

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***This Reader Reward is now closed. Congratulations to Shelley, who will be using this awesome tool to restore her double hung windows and expose some shiplap. What a perfect few projects for this tool.***

As many of you may know, I'm a bit of a tool junkie. Whether I'm researching, using, or wishing I had a particular tool, I've become tool obsessed over the last few years.

I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but at some point my Christmas list experienced a metamorphosis of magnificent proportions.

While I once wished and hoped Santa would bring the latest and greatest in GI Joe play sets, the coolest new video game tech gadget (Nintendo power glove), or the Star Wars action figure set I was certain would likely complete my life... some point, roughly coinciding with the purchase of our home, my holiday wish list quickly began looking like the inventory list of a tool store in search of that item that might just let me complete a project.

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Today marks the start of the Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend here in Old Town Alexandria. It's my favorite weekend of the year, and is the perfect festive kick off to our holiday season. The town is abuzz, homes are adorned with their holiday finest, and the chill in the air hints of fun, family, and much cheer throughout the month. 

Tomorrow we'll be attending the Designer Tour of Homes to see how other residences in town are all decked out for the holidays (and congratulations to our winner of the ticket giveaway!), but first we thought you might like to see our Old Town Home all gussied up for the season. 

This year we took a more natural approach to our decor. Not only do I love the look, feel, and smell of fresh greens this time of year, but I'm having surgery early next month that will leave me on crutches for several weeks. So the less we take out of the attic now, means the less Alex has to put away next month when I'm laid up. So outside of our trees and a few cherished holiday items, we kept it pretty simple (and recyclable) this holiday season.

While decorating for the season can be a bit daunting, especially on a timeline, I tried to make it more fun this year by making sure we were well nourished to take on the tree trimming task. A great Christmas playlist, bottle of bubbly, and a cheese and fruit board made the evening a great family event. Too bad we decimated the food and drink before a single ornament went on the tree. Perhaps not my best executed plan.

These too lovable goof balls also kept us entertained while we hung all of our ornaments on the tree. As you can see, Christmas has everyone getting along this time of year. 

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***This Reader Reward is no longer accepting entries – See the winner below.***

We're very happy to announce the winner of the complimentary tickets to the Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend's annual Holiday Homes Tour. Congratulations to Kristin Frykman, who we hope to see on the tour.

They don't say "it's the most wonderful time of the year" for nothing.

In our home and in Old Town Alexandria in general, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. A nip is in the air, the lights are all hung in the trees along King Street, and the storefronts are all decked out in their holiday finest.

But most of all, the town is all abuzz over the annual Scottish Christmas Walk events this coming weekend. An annual tradition in Old Town for many years, the Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend is a series of events organized by the Campagna Center that celebrated Alexandria's Scottish heritage and the Christmas season.

In addition to the annual parade...

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Our tub may be in the bathroom, and the overbuilt drama of how that would happen may be behind us, but there's still a lot to do before we're done.

Among the many aspects of getting this tub into its final resting place, we have to get the feet into shape and onto the tub. The problem, we don't know exactly how to attach these feet.

You see, these feet came with the tub, but they were already disconnected when we picked up the tub. To add to the complication, there were no bolts or parts, just feet. Part of the process is obvious as there are brackets cast right into the base of the tub that offers a mounting location for the feet.

On our tub each foot is stamped with a number that correlates to a bracket location of the same number on the tub. This is done because each foot is formed to fit its particular corner on the tub, and swapping foot to foot simply won't fit as well.

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